Alinea® now LED

Perfection is the goal when you are choosing a bathroom lighting solution that will give you the ability to bring out your natural beauty. The Alinea® LED luminaire and lamp will generate light that is soft, warm and best compliments skin tones. The linear design illuminates evenly without producing shadows. This makes it the premier lighting solution for cosmetic purposes.

The Aamsco Alinea®LED Lamp conforms to the same brilliant linear design, while offering state-of-the-art energy savings, and emitting the same soft, warm light of the Linestra® it has replaced. There is no ballast or transformer required and it can be dimmed. The Alinea®LED can be fitted into all Linestra® type luminaries without any modifications. With an average life of 50,000 hours and a 3 year limited warrantee, this quality LED lamp will be the best match for your Alinea® or Linestra® luminaire and will ensure many years of use without the frequent re-lamping of the past that is typical of incandescent.

And now for the first time in almost 100 years the Alinea® architectural lamp is available in two color temperatures: A 90CRI warm incandescent like 2500K and a cooler brighter 85CRI 3500K.

AAMSCO’s Hybrid type LED bulbs look and perform like the incandescents they replace. They are instant-on with no UV or mercury content. They provide an omni-directional light pattern with a CRI of >80 and a warm color temperature of 2700K. The LED’s available are A17-E26, A19-E26, B10-E12 candelabra, G30-E26, 1910 historic Edison reproduction, S14 sign , and an E14 base european mini-reflector.

Visit the AAMSCO Lighting website for Information on the other LED products they produce, including the ALINEA®LED, Mirror-Lux®LED and ArchitecturaLED sconces.