Wesport Lighting has been manufacturing lighting fixtures since 2009. We pride ourselves with our eye on design and our ability to be nimble, creative and able to produce designs and products well beyond what we show on our web site. We work with iron, aluminum, resin, glass, acrylic and numerous other specialty materials. As a US custom fabrication house you will get from us outstanding graphic capabilities, attention to details and a focus to tend to those specialty needs required by non-commodity lighting products.


New Line: OLSPEC- Oggetti lighting specification

OLSPEC is the commercial specification arm for Oggetti Lighting.

Consisting of 3 lines, The Oggetti lighting collection is handmade by some of the finest artisans in Italy, the Philippines and Europe. The collection includes Murano glass pieces as well as hand weaved galvanized iron designs.

A collection of handcrafted and mouth-blown glass pieces made in Italy.

Unique lighting designs handmade in the Philippines from galvanized iron, a malleable material which allows artisans to weave innovative shapes.

Designed by Vito Selma in Cebu, Philippines. Innovative pieces hand-crafted with local woods.


New Line: Imported by I.E.

De Majo, Le Klint, Nemo, Nemo Architectural, and MacMaster, exclusively distributed by Illuminating Experiences (“IE”) offer a diverse product portfolio with designs that range from European Contemporary to Traditional.

DeMajo maintains the early Murano traditions and at the same time strives for new style appeal offering customers a wide selection of current design trends for who with a taste for contemporary appreciates authentic quality and elegance.

LeKlint : The craftsmanship of classical folding, creative design, these fixtures make up the soul of LeKlint for more than 65 years. LeKlint fixtures are “modern classics” – considered traditional as well as innovative lighting designs.

Following philosophy and tradition NEMO has focused on the production of original lighting products. The result is a collection which now has a clear direction and reflection of the contemporary as well as the classical. Incorporating technology, taste into their creations, the designers at Nemo Ark generate products that relate to their environment in a simple way, perfect for applications that require clean lines with generous illuminations.

Founded in 2009 by Alex MacMaster, MacMaster specializes in the design and production of timber based lighting and wood furniture products.Every single piece is hand made in England in the MacMaster workshop located in the Worcestershire countryside.With design, development, manufacture and packaging based in-house, MacMaster’s bespoke wood furniture and products are received by a global audience from luxury homes, highly regarded retailers to ambitious commercial projects.
MacMaster uses natural timbers hand-picked from suppliers who source Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified timbers. FSC is an international non-government organization set up to promote the responsible management of the World’s forests.Timber is globally regarded as one the most beautiful, versatile and naturally renewable resources.

New Line: Archilume

Located and manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, Archilume is a lighting design studio that produces modern, energy-efficient LED luminaires. Founded by Industrial Designer Saleem Khattak, Archilume offers pendant, wall sconces, and feature chandeliers in a variety of configurations in addition to producing custom design orders for commercial and residential projects. Archilume’s mission is to evolve with the ever-changing LED lighting industry and create products that offer a seamless installation process.

 Archilume proudly presents Configurate, a new multiple lighting system for architecture and interior design.
Expanding on Archilume’s acclaimed pendant luminaire offering, the Configurate system adds an unconventional hexagonal-shaped surface mount. The jewel-like pendant, suspended from a geometrical base, offers designers the unique opportunity to create compositions of light by arranging multiple pendants across the ceiling plane.
Arrays of nested pendants laid out in patterns defined by the designer and informed by the polygonal angles allow for countless arrangement alternatives, transforming the ceiling surface into a creative canvas.


New Line: Illuminating Experiences

Illuminating Experiences is a premier source of quality lighting designs in the North American market. Located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the Company has been distributing sophisticated European light fixtures for forty-four years.

Illuminating Experiences (“IE”) offers a diverse product portfolio with designs that range from European Contemporary to Traditional. The Company and its distinctive family of popular Brands, work with well-known designers from all over the world, including Carlo Colombo, Ilaria Marelli, Stephen Blackman and many others.

Illuminating Experiences Collections consist of unique designs fabricated from hand-blown glass, fabric, acrylic and a wide variety of metal finishes. The Collections also successfully address high-profile architectural needs offering distinctive products for hospitality, residential and commercial projects.

Same Day Shipping (indicated by Quick Ship) is available since the Company maintains the largest multi-brand inventory in the United States. All popular products are located in New Jersey in order to deliver European brands within twenty-four hours.

custom modifications are often requested. IE’s service and engineering teams fulfill requests quickly and efficiently.

For many designs, Illuminating Experiences offers a selection of different light sources, including LED,for operating efficiency in order to achieve the desired lighting esthetics for various applications.


Wesport Lighting

Wesport Lighting has been manufacturing luminaries in the USA since 2009. We pride ourselves with our eye on design and our ability to be nimble, creative and able to produce designs and products well beyond what we show on our web site. We work with iron, aluminum, resin, glass, acrylic and numerous other specialty materials. As a US custom fabrication house you will get from us outstanding graphic capabilities, attention to details and a focus to tend to those specialty needs required by non-commodity lighting products.


Studio Italia Design

“Studio Italia Design brings together incomparable abilities and skills using precious materials. Blown glass in dialogue with brass, aluminum, and steel exalting the potential of the different finishes. The passionate interest for all the resources offered by science and technology determine new lines and new exclusive “Raison D’etre” dictated by modern environments, current conditions and life styles. The different elements in a subtile game of balance and harmony create lighting effects, volumetric and linear, expression of a luminous and illuminated art, all rigorously MADE IN ITALY”


New Product: Tracy Glover Studio’s Metropolis Glass Socket Pendants

Beautiful glass envelopes the lamp holder for a unique new look in luminaire design.
Product designer/glass blower Tracy Glover admires the bare lamp pendant, its fiery filament aglow inside a pristine, transparent bulb, suspended from a single socket. With her new handblown glass Metropolis Socket Pendants, she gives the exposed bulb pride of place, while clothing the commonplace socket in a unique, eye-catching way. The artful embellishment is featured in a variety of luminaire types, and customizable in a myriad of colors and patterns so each piece is truly site-specific.


New Product: DRYLIGHT, by Masiero

Masiero introduces the first collection of outdoor lighting inspired by Venetian tradition.

A revolutionary technology and a Masiero International patent. These luminaries are U.L. wet location rated, protected against dust and corrosion, and can handle wind gusts up to 60 MPH without structural damage. Engineered to withstand extreme changes in temperature, high humidity, and even salt air these are the perfect accent for outdoor restaurants, patios, gardens, and courtyards.


DID YOU KNOW?: Arturo Alvarez also

Wins the Interior Design magazine Best Of Year Award for their unique shade material, SIMETECH in the category of Innovative Translucent Shading/Lighting Solutions. Eleven of our collections are made of SIMETECH, created by arturo alvarez after several years of research.

About Arturo Alvarez:
Spanish designer Arturo Alvarez introduces a new concept in luminaire design by reinventing ancient techniques and giving different uses to everyday and unique materials.
Devoted to the design and production of all kind of architectural & decorative lamps, Arturo Alvarez offers luminaries of unique and great personality, for private and public environments.
Because of Arturo Alvarez’s committment to exclusivity, all products are numbered and labeled or engraved with their brand to guarantee the authenticity.


Alinea® now LED

Perfection is the goal when you are choosing a bathroom lighting solution that will give you the ability to bring out your natural beauty. The Alinea® LED luminaire and lamp will generate light that is soft, warm and best compliments skin tones. The linear design illuminates evenly without producing shadows. This makes it the premier lighting solution for cosmetic purposes.

The Aamsco Alinea®LED Lamp conforms to the same brilliant linear design, while offering state-of-the-art energy savings, and emitting the same soft, warm light of the Linestra® it has replaced. There is no ballast or transformer required and it can be dimmed. The Alinea®LED can be fitted into all Linestra® type luminaries without any modifications. With an average life of 50,000 hours and a 3 year limited warrantee, this quality LED lamp will be the best match for your Alinea® or Linestra® luminaire and will ensure many years of use without the frequent re-lamping of the past that is typical of incandescent.

And now for the first time in almost 100 years the Alinea® architectural lamp is available in two color temperatures: A 90CRI warm incandescent like 2500K and a cooler brighter 85CRI 3500K.

AAMSCO’s Hybrid type LED bulbs look and perform like the incandescents they replace. They are instant-on with no UV or mercury content. They provide an omni-directional light pattern with a CRI of >80 and a warm color temperature of 2700K. The LED’s available are A17-E26, A19-E26, B10-E12 candelabra, G30-E26, 1910 historic Edison reproduction, S14 sign , and an E14 base european mini-reflector.

Visit the AAMSCO Lighting website for Information on the other LED products they produce, including the ALINEA®LED, Mirror-Lux®LED and ArchitecturaLED sconces.


Donovan Lighting Ceiling Bowl Pendants

Featured is a 36″ OD, 8″deep acrylic bowl with a matt finish, 4 point field adjustable cable suspension, and lambing is 4 x 26W CFL’s. Other sizes and finishes are available as standard or custom.
Brian Donovan’s designs reflect a contemporary interpretation of an art deco and machine age aesthetic, where strong, simple geometry and graceful curves mix with a taste of color and metal finishes to create a dramatic and unique style. Brian’s company, Donovan Lighting, Ltd., designs and manufactures a line of distinctive, high quality luminaires for the contract and residential market. The entire line is made in upstate New York and is U.L. listed and C.U.L. listed.